• Online Coaching for Generation Zs

    Learn ZSkills from specialist tutors online.

  • Our vision

    We believe that the new generation needs a new way of learning and education. One that will empower individuality and promotes collaboration through digital and online learning. ZLearning aims to help Generation Z students learn about Future Life Skills that will prepare them for the future of work.

    New breed of Learners

    Gen Z - the new kids on the block

    Our goal is to connect students who wants to learn basic life skills that will supplement what they learn from schools. ZSkills ( Gen Z Skills) as we called it will teach students how to become a better YouTuber, Influencer, Vlogger, PodCaster, a ProGamer, an Age Care Giver, an Animal Care giver, a Tradie or even a better Chef or Musician.  

    Specialist Educators

    Vetted and carefully selected specialist tutors

    We have a strict and stringent process to select Tutors that will teach Generation Z with ZSkills.

    They are all respected and experts on their chosen field and Skills.

  • ZSkills for ZLearners

    Let us know in the Enquire section below if you have specific interest that are not listed here.

    Vocational Education and Training (VET) Skills

    We have a list of VET Skills that are vetted Tutors can help you with.

    • Age Care Education
    • Beauty and Fitness
    • Animal Care
    • Community Service
    • Barista
    • Becoming a Tradie


    Future Job Skills

    These list of jobs that are not taught in schools but earns a significant amount of money for those who master it:

    • YouTubers
    • Social Media Influencers ( Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook)
    • Pro-Gamers
    • Pod Casters
    • B/Vloggers
    • UX Design

    Basic Adult & Soft Skills

    Research and studies says that Gen Z and millennials nowadays luck the ability to do basic adult skills, whether it is true or not you will have a big headstart if you learn one of this ZSkills from our expert Tutors. Give it a try.

    • Household Skills Education (Sewing, cooking, car repair, plumbing, renovation )
    • Personal Finance
    • Small business operations
    • Critical Thinking
    • Communication skills 
    • Relationship and Interactions
    • Health Education
    • Leadership
  • Want to be a Tutor?


    Australian VET Teacher

    • Expert with any VET Courses ( Child Care, Aged Care, Beauty and Fitness, Animal Care,  Community Service, Accounting and Finance, IT Operations, Business Operations
    • TAFE Certified or any other Accredited certifications
    • LinkedIn account for added validation
    • Proven teaching records in any online platform

    Creative Instructor( YouTuber, Blogger, Influencer, Vlogger, Pro-Gamer, PodCaster, UX Design, etc)

    • If you have one of the following creative qualification above please show link to your portfolio and creative works
    • Must have Instagram Business account for validation
    • Proven track records
    • Awards and Certifications are desirables.

    Basic Adult and Soft Skills Tutors

    • If you have one of the following  basic adult skills and soft skills  above please show link to your portfolio and proof of work.
    • Must have LinkedIn account for validation
    • Proven track records
    • Awards and Certifications are desirables.
  • Lit me Up!

    If you have some questions don't be afraid to reach out.